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Laboratory memberships
All members will be provided with personal accounts allowing access to some or all of the following laboratory “rooms” on the website, depending on the membership level selected:

Lab A – Sonic Research Laboratory
Here you will find videos, interviews, and documentation of current and past events in the lab and behind-the-scene activities, archived and updated each month. Occasional instructional materials will also be offered.

Lab B – Listening Lab

This is your place to explore extra-dimensional audio materials that can be found nowhere else, including sneak peeks at upcoming albums, alternate takes, and unreleased private recordings, all archived and with new materials added each month.

Lab C – Technical Instrumentation Laboratory
Here you will find the “Sound-of-the-Month Club,” with photos, videos, and sound clips that introduce you to some of the many amazing sonic devices in the vast instrumentarium of ScienSonic Laboratories – many of which far transcend the ordinary – all archived with new material added monthly.

Select your desired level of participation and support from the categories below, and click “add to transporter” to purchase. Welcome to the ScienSonic family, and please accept our sincere thanks for helping us continue to bring you “Worlds of Tomorrow Through Sound!”

ScienSonic Laboratory Memberships are a great way to show your support for our creative efforts, and to more fully participate in the unique ScienSonic experience. Your membership helps to fund our many ongoing projects, while allowing you access to many special benefits such as:
  •  Our full line of imaginative musical releases
  •  Gifts ranging from official ScienSonic test tubes and pencils, on up to your very own personalized, embroidered ScienSonic lab coat
  •  Video, interviews, "sounds-of-the-month" and unreleased tracks available only in our exclusive cyber-labrooms A, B, and C
  •  Discounts on all ScienSonic merchandise
  •  Free admission to ScienSonic events
  •  And even the opportunity to contribute a sound of your choice to a future ScienSonic release!

Membership Levels


Add to Transporter
Benefits include:
  • Handsome laminated and personalized membership card
  • Official ScienSonic pencil and decal*
  • Any single ScienSonic CD of your choice
  • Lab C access
  • Domestic shipping included (surcharge applies for overseas shipping)


Add to Transporter
Includes all of the benefits of the previous membership level, PLUS:
  • Official ScienSonic test tube*
  • An additional single ScienSonic CD of your choice, for a total of 2 (or, one double CD)
  • 10% discount on all ScienSonic products (exclusive of membership fees)


Add to Transporter
Includes all of the benefits of the previous membership levels, PLUS:
  •  Official ScienSonic Laboratories lapel pin*
  •  Labs B & C access
  •  15% discount (instead of 10%) on all ScienSonic products (exclusive of membership fees)


Add to Transporter
Includes all of the benefits of the previous membership levels, PLUS:
  •  Official ScienSonic T-shirt (men's or ladies' style)*
  •  Labs A, B, and C access --- full laboratory access!
  •  20% discount (instead of 15%) on all ScienSonic products (exclusive of membership fees)


Add to Transporter
Includes all of the benefits of the previous membership levels, PLUS:
  •  Two-year membership instead of one
  •  A handsome, framed  Certificate of your senior status with ScienSonic
  •  Your own personalized lab coat, embroidered with your name and the ScienSonic Laboratories logo*
  •  One of everything produced by ScienSonic during the period including any and all merchandise, apparel, CDs, and limited-edition LPs and picture-discs... whatever we make, you will get one of!
  •  A personal credit on all CD releases (unless you wish to remain anonymous)
  •  Complimentary admission to selected ScienSonic events (these will generally be in NYC)


Add to Transporter
(Our MOST EXCLUSIVE position)
Includes all of the benefits of the previous membership levels, PLUS:
  •  Three-year membership instead of two
  •  Handsome, personalized  ScienSonic desk trophy displaying your name and position*
  •  The opportunity to contribute a single sound of your choice to a future ScienSonic project, to be integrated into the music by our highly trained Sonic Research Specialists (see details below**)
  •  A personal lab tour for you and a guest, conducted at our facilities in northern NJ (schedules permitting, and exclusive of transportation & lodging), during which you will have the opportunity to personally inspect a wide range of our amazing sonic devices and equipment. This tour will include:
    • Demonstration of instruments, equipment and devices (as requested, and where possible)
    • The opportunity to listen, on laboratory equipment, to unheard music not even available in our cyber-listening lab B described above, and to see a bit of the mixing process
    • Champagne and lunch or dinner with core ScienSonic staff, schedules permitting
** Member may deliver a sound of their choosing to ScienSonic by a mutually-agreeable medium, and we will integrate it into a future project for release.  This sound could be something from nature such as a bird or other wildlife, the sound of a machine such as a favorite automobile starting up, the sound of a favorite pet, a human sound such as humming or whistling, a note or brief succession of notes played by you (or a friend) on an instrument, or... who knows? Be creative! We prefer a single sound, preferably of a non-verbal nature, and ask that it not exceed a few seconds in length. We may extend, cut, edit, loop or otherwise alter or repeat the sound at our sole discretion. The context, duration, mixing level and positioning of the sound, as well as the type of project it is used in and when or in what format it will be released, is up to the sole discretion of our ScienSonic Research Specialists. They are good at this sort of thing! Specifically prohibited is any expression of a political, religious, sexual or violent nature, or any sound which could be considered offensive or disgusting. Also prohibited is any sampled, copied or downloaded sound by any other artist used without their permission, or any sound which could be considered the intellectual property of another person or company. This still leaves a lot of territory... send us your special sound, and it will enter music history!

Gifts marked with * are for new memberships only