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About ScienSonic Laboratories

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ScienSonic Laboratories was founded on the idea that creative and challenging music is not for an elite few with some special knowledge, training or insight, but for anyone. No prior experience, Ph.D., or decoder ring are required for the adventurous and open-minded listener to experience and enjoy this music. It need not be "understood" or "figured out," but rather is designed to be experienced, and for this reason we have created the term "experiential music" to describe our efforts. 

We further contend that science has a place in music and vice versa, and that the two disciplines often share similar aims and methods. We are interested in the application of scientific methodologies to creative music-making, as well as the examination of scientific materials from an aesthetic perspective. Many of our projects at ScienSonic Laboratories will explore these aesthetic interrelationships between science and sound -- hence our name. 

We reject the oft-repeated notion that music must come from either "head" or "heart," as if these could somehow be separated, and that a great chasm yawns between the "intellectual" and the "emotional" in art. We contend that, throughout history, the great scientists, thinkers, and mathematicians have been deeply passionate, even mystical, people. There is no dry intellectualism in the work of Pythagoras, Tycho or Euler, any more than in the work of poets, artists or musicians. Many great scientists have, in fact, been musicians or artists themselves. Einstein (himself an amateur violinist) stated that "imagination is more important than knowledge." We agree! Indeed, imagination and creativity are key to achieving great things in the sciences, just as they are in the arts... and imagination will always be the guiding force here at ScienSonic Laboratories. 

The great composer Gustav Mahler once famously remarked that "a symphony must contain a world," and it is in that spirit that we offer these "Worlds of Tomorrow through Sound"... worlds that we hope will be welcoming, as well as challenging, to the creative listener. 


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