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ScienSonic News

ScienSonic Recordings Recognized as Certified Space Imagination Products

Certified ImaginationScienSonic Laboratories is very happy to announce a new partnership with the Space Foundation, which has recognized our recordings as Certified Space Imagination Products, qualified to bear the official seal of the Foundation's Certification program. The Space Foundation is a leader in the advancement of the awareness of the importance of space exploration and research, and shares our enthusiasm for the broadening of human knowledge and understanding through the study of our universe. With its Certification Program the Space Foundation, which works closely with NASA, the European Space Agency and other organizations engaged in space research and development, recognizes products which utilize actual space technology, or which enlighten and inspire the public through imaginative efforts that incorporate space-related themes. We are extremely honored that the Space Foundation has found our recordings worthy of its Certification Seal, which shows that it places a value on imagination and creativity in addition to hard science. This, of course, is entirely in keeping with ScienSonic Laboratories' philosophy and mission.

With this new partnership we will be donating a percentage of all ScienSonic CDs and LPs sold to the Space Foundation fund, which provides important and much-needed grants in space-related research and education. We hope that you will help support the Space Foundation, and ScienSonic Laboratories, in our efforts to expand human knowledge and imagination. By purchasing our imaginative products, you will be playing an important role in this ongoing work.

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