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Laboratory memberships

Membership Agreement

Before we use the Transporter to take you to PayPal, please read and acknowledge the membership agreement.

ScienSonic Laboratories, LLC depends on the support of its valued members in order to continue to pursue its many creative activities and projects. Therefore, by becoming a member, I agree not to share my personal passwords or access codes with anyone, or allow any third party access to my account. I further agree that all ScienSonic recordings, and all materials presented in cyber-labs A, B and C are the copyrighted intellectual property of ScienSonic Laboratories, LLC, and I will not download, upload, copy, store, reproduce or share them with any third party, as this would compromise the ability of ScienSonic Laboratories to further pursue its creative undertakings.

Do you agree to the conditions listed in the ScienSonic Membership Agreement?

    Yes. I agree.
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Eminent Chair of Sonic Inquiry
$7500.00 - 3 years